To a New Girlfriend إلى صديقة جديدة

translation of the poetry of Nizar Qabbani



This is a translation from Arabic of one of the poems of Nizar Qabbani… The original Arabic can be read at
Fayeq Oweis
ترجمة فائق عويس

To a new girlfriend

by Nizar Qabbani

Translated from Arabic by Fayeq Oweis (August 2010)

After saying Good-bye yesterday,
I returned alone
thinking of your last revelation

I wrote a thousand things about your eyes
I wrote with lights and fragrance
I wrote things without meaning
all written with a glow

Who are you. . Who put you in my way?
Who moved the water in my roots?
and my heart was a
cemetery of dead flowers,
before you appeared

My problem. . I don’t know
an end to my thoughts and feelings
I lost my history, and you’re like me
without a history and without a fate

My love is a flame, so don’t go crazy
don’t open the windows of blaze
I want to protect you from my delusion
from my poisoned perfumed world

This is me with all of my sins
with all the ego on earth
revealed my papers, so don’t pay attention

You will not find Purer than my sins
Beauty has revolutions, so don’t be afraid
Try, sister, to revolt
and trust my love, whatever happens
It is larger than large