Have a Sweet Morning صباحكِ سكّر



translation of the poetry of Nizar Qabbani
صباحك سكر
This is a translation from Arabic of one of the poems of Nizar Qabbani… The original Arabic can be read at http://nizar.ealwan.com/poetry.php?id=170
Fayeq Oweis
ترجمة فائق عويس

Have a Sweet Morning
Nizar Qabbani
Translated by Fayeq Oweis
If a day passed by, and I didn’t remember
to say to you: have a sweet morning…
and I started drawing strange things
    as a young kid
    on a face of a book
then don’t be struck by my distraction and silence
and don’t assume that something has changed

so when I don’t say: I love…
that means I love you more.
If you came one day with a gown
like grass upon the lakes… green… green
and your hair lying on your shoulders
like a sea… like the dimensions of a scatter night…
and your breast… under the waves of the shirt
delicate… delicious… like a stab of a dagger
and I started to smoke deeply
drink my ink and get intoxicated
don’t accuse me that my feeling has died
don’t assume that my heart has petrified
because, in illusion, I create a goddess out of you
and I make of your breast… a piece of jewel
in illusion… I plant your hair oleander,
wheat… almonds… and forests of thyme…
If you sat down in front of me a long time
as a queen of fragrance and marbles…
and I closed my eyes not to see your delicious things
and ignored the complaint of the scented shirt
don’t assume that I don’t see you
some of the things a mind can see
In the shadow, your scent becomes a voice
and the dimensions of your eyes become larger

I love you beyond love… but
let me see you as I would imagine…